Dear World Youth Forum Member,

Apply now for the first batch of the “African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP) that will take place May 2nd- June 6th, 2019 at the National Training Academy in Egypt.


In partnership with the World Youth Forum, as one of the recommendations that came out of the second World Youth Forum in November 2018, and coinciding with Egypt’s Chairmanship of the African Union 2019. 


APLP aims to bring together African youth with different affiliations and backgrounds under one umbrella towards development and peace. 


  • Program Duration: Five Weeks 
  • Teaching Language: English Only **

* *During Batch One, the teaching language will be in English Only. However, our future batches will be provided in both English & French.


The topics covered under the APLP program revolve around six main pillars which are:

  1. African Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Economic and Sustainable Development
  3. Women Empowerment and Gender Equality
  4. Management & Leadership Skills
  5. Information Technology, Innovation and Learning Cities
  6. Design Thinking


Besides the state-of-the-art program design and tackled topics, a set of activities are scheduled to add to the richness of the program, including; Field-trips , cultural events, Site-seeing tours and Sports activities.


Please click here to apply

If you face any technical issues or have any inquiries please contact the National Training Academy through their website


Looking forward to seeing you in Cairo! 

Best Regards,

World Youth Forum