We are a professional network for:

  • Japanese companies who are doing or want to do business in Africa and,
  • Africans who participated in the “ABE Initiative” programme in Japan.
  • Others who are interested in Japan-Africa business.


We facilitate and support platforms and activities where Japanese and Africans can:

  • Exchange information;
  • Match their needs and resources;
  • Build relationships of trust and;
  • Empower business initiatives.


We are creating value for:

  • Japanese need access to reliable local knowledge and partners in Africa.
  • Africans need Japanese with whom they can do business or other projects in their home countries.

Our Value Proposition


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“Without much knowledge about African business, our company was looking for a partner to support our first venture. We had partners from different countries across Africa. Kakehashi Africa was very supportive and hands-on in delivering the best support service for our business. They managed all our affairs in Africa with professionalism and integrity. You guys are the best. We are happy to have worked with you. Thank you!”

Aoki Tomo • Hackcamp Co. Ltd

“As a Japanese company in Kenya, we face varied challenges such as the need for resourceful and reliable human resources. Working with Kakehashi Africa has enabled us to kill two birds with one stone –  a network across Africa and personnel we can trust. They have been very supportive of my business, and am happy to continue working with them.”

Aizono Kenji • Aizono & Associates Ltd

“I had an opportunity to attend the 5-day Global Food Value Chain Collaboration Hacks event in Tokyo co-organized by Kakehashi Africa and their partners. We were well coordinated, guided and supported in all our endeavours before, during and after the event. Through the program, we acquired new business partners with whom we built stronger business relationship. Kakehashi Africa continued to support our engagement to ensure that the mutual interests of both parties were taken care of. We signed an MoU and continue to work together with our new partners. This is how they make business happen and we appreciate them for their professionalism and reliability.”

Apollo Segawa • CURAD, Uganda

“My university has a goal of reaching 30% international student population by 2030. Based on our bold commitment and involvement towards Kenyan athletes, we are planning to expand this partnership with organizations in other fields. I traveled to Kenya on a Preliminary Survey Mission to grasp the needs and establish opportunities for further collaboration. I am happy that Kakehashi Africa was ready and willing to support my business. I was able to meet different stakeholders in the Sports sector, not only in the Capital City but also in the interior of Kenya. The experience was amazing and insightful. I would be glad to work with Kakehashi Africa to further develop my business.”

Koji Jitsukawa • Yamanashi Gakuin Corp.


Professionals having the local knowledge of 50+ African countries thriving to provide you the best solutions for your business.


Our members have experiences in the Japanese business practicies making them experts in creating long lasting partnerships.


Having a high level of competences and skills in different fields to provide excellent integrated solutions.


We are the largest African-Japanese business network. With our wealth of experience and resources, we can provide you with the best-integrated solutions for your business.

Join us on our journey and become a member of Kakehashi Africa network.