Jonpaul Opara – Thank you Japan

Jonpaul Opara, the current Japan Region Coordinator for Kakehashi Africa, sends a heartfelt thank you to Japan for their assistance and guidance through the recent restrictions in Japan, even  though around the world the Corona-19 pandemic is still affecting the daily lives of many, especially in Africa. Japan has had success with the Corona virus [...]

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KA Innovate Event (Jun 6, 2020)

About the E-vent To fuel an already flourishing culture of innovation and startups in Africa, Kakehashi Africa has recently introduced a new department, KA Innovate. The mandate of KA Innovate includes providing mentorship or business advice to KA members going to establish a startup company and supporting African startups in getting investments from Japan. Therefore, [...]

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The future is in Africa.

By Fetra Rakotondrasoava Translated by Joe Flynn 54 out of 55 African countries under a single free trade area, Africa will be the largest market in the World from July 2020. Indeed, the largest free trade zone concluded between African countries is entering its operationalization phase, at the African Union Summit, held in Niamey, Niger [...]

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Good afternoon my dear Kakehashian. I trust we are all good. I have got some good news for those living in or around Tokyo or may visit next Friday. Are you available on the 28th of June, between the hours of 6 and 8pm? If yes then I have some good news for you. UNDP [...]

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After the elections for the new positions (Marketing Manager, Legal Manager, Value Creation Manager,  IT Manager, Knowledge Manager, Member Welfare Manager, Member Recruitment Manager, Public Affairs Manager, Chapter Coordinator ), will the new elected have to establish their own teams ?

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Africa and Japan Youth Proposal: Application Guidelines for Changing the World with Ideas There are different challenges for achieving Africa and Japan, and SDGs *. Work on issues in Africa using Japanese technology and knowledge, or work on issues in Japan using innovations and devices in Africa. Recruiting proposals and business ideas from such free and unique young people. Learning [...]

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In order to find an internship, you must fall into the interest of the company and fulfill their requirement. All of us usually focus on whether are we fulfilling the requirement for the company, while we forget what is the area of interest of the company we are applying for. The company can be interested [...]

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