In order to find an internship, you must fall into the interest of the company and fulfill their requirement.

All of us usually focus on whether are we fulfilling the requirement for the company, while we forget what is the area of interest of the company we are applying for.

The company can be interested in people with specific backgrounds, mentalities, soft skills, years of experience or even a specific education degree.

But also one important aspect which can be very useful for the ABE students is the market interest. The ABE program was designed to help the Japanese companies to utilize the African human resources in order to expand to Africa. That means the Japanese companies are not only looking for good quality, and skillful people, but also those who can help them expand to specific markets.

In the attached file to this post, I’m sharing a complete list of Japanese companies which are having a business in Africa in 2017.

For the ABE students, the best practice to find an internship is to find the companies which have business in the specific ABE student country. That will make the student easily falling into the interest of the company.

I wish you best of luck in finding an internship. Share with us your experience in finding an internship if you managed to get one.