The company is specialized in Hardware and Software, manufacturing and sales of machines including maintenance services. The current market is only Asia however, hope to expand business overseas.

Business outline:

  • Designing,manufacturing,maintenance of automated machine
  • Designing and machining of sophisticated machine parts
  • Designing and development of program for personal computer
  • Producing Homepage

Company Members Present

Masato Hayashi   – President and Representative Director


Masashi Okazaki – JETRO Tottori

Oki             -Tottori University Community Services Manager

Dr.Aklog         -Tottori University Lecturer

Beatrice Odiwa    – Kakehashi Africa Japan Chapter Coordinator Deputy(Kenya)

Dyanning Angriass – Tottori University International Student (Indonesia)

Bennedict Nzioki – Tottori University International Student (Kenya)

John Odhiambo   – Tottori University International Student (Kenya