Dear Members,

We are very pleased to announce that we have published our first quarterly report. You can find it here.

The sections of the report include:

  1. Recap – Overview of key milestones in the orgaisation’s development.
  2. Progress – Overview of achievements of the past three months.
  3. Member platform – Overview of functions of the new site, the membership types, benefits and fees.
  4. Elections – Overview of the new proposed Board structure and election & management appointment processes and schedule.
  5. Take ownership – 11 ways to become involved, help actualise the potential of Kakehashi Africa and reap your return of investment in the ABE Initiative.

The report in itself is one of many attempts that we are now making in order to develop Kakehashi Africa into a formal and professional network, addressing the many concerns and issues raised by ABE Initiative participants and other supporters since our formation. We hope this and subsequent quarterly reports will help Kakehashi Africa to become more transparent to all stakeholders.

Another attempt, specifically to make the decision-making in the organisation more accessible and accountable, is the creation of the Board of Directors (explanation included in the report). Applications for the Board of Directors will open on Monday, April 22 CAT and close on Friday, April 26 CAT. More details, including application requirements, will be published in this news section of the website on April 22.

If you have any questions, please email them to

Kind regards,

The Interim Executive Management