Kakehashi Africa’s mandate is to build stronger relationships through business ties between Japanese companies and Africa through our network of members that span the African continent.  To achieve this, Kakehashi Africa has actively engaged with both African and Japanese stakeholders and we are proud to announce our latest partnership with AYINA – All Youth Innovation Networld Association, a non-profit organization.

AYINA, like Kakehashi Africa, has a goal to build a stronger relationship with Japan and African countries through educating Japanese people about Africa and its diversity.  AYINA, similar to Kakehashi Africa, has a network that spreads across Japan and since its inception in 2013, has sent more than 60 Japanese youth to home-stay families in 10 African countries.  Since January this year, AYINA has created opportunities for Africans to experience Japan through similar home-stay programs.


AYINA understands the importance of assisting Africans in the effort to build Africa and has recently participated in fundraising for an African startup in Japan. They are also willing to further assist Africans who aspire to start businesses in Japan.

“AYINA states that the most important consideration for the development of Africa is that the local people solve their own problems and contribute to the development. We provide and support an environment in which they are comfortable working for their own countries and Africa.” www.ayina.org

Kakehashi Africa, through its collaboration with AYINA, hopes to create a network in which Kakehashi members can further engage with Japanese youth through joint events and programs that promote the African continent within the cultural and economic sphere.

To learn more about AYINA and their activities, visit their website or facebook page

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