Dear Members

We are pleased to announce that based on the votes of 49 members, the following candidates (in alphabetic order) have been elected to the Electoral Commission (EC):

  • Daniel Elliot Kwantwi
  • Mohamed Muse Hassan
  • Ollyna Raholisoa

However, Daniel has made the honourable decision to recuse himself as he is running for the position of branch manager of Kanto and do not want to prejudice the Board election if he is elected. Consequently, the next runner-up, namely Diana J Sambou, will take up his position on the EC.

We will now equip them for their duties and they will appoint a chair among themselves who will handle all communication on behalf of the EC. As soon as the EC is ready, we will announce the procedure to run for the Board of Directors election. The announcement will be made within the day as planned.

Thank you to all nine candidates who participated in the election for the EC and to all the members who voted. It is this active, collective participation that will take us forward.

Kind regards,

The Interim Executive Management