The second round of the elections for the Central Africa Chapter has provided a candidate with a simple majority, namely Junior NZELENGENGE TAMBIKI. That brings an end to the elections of the Board of Directors.

The Directors for the Kakehashi Africa Board 2019-2020 are the following persons:

  • Northern African Chapter: Waleed Mahrous
  • Western African Chapter: Abdon Dominique Koko
  • Central African Chapter: Junior Nzelengenge Tambiki
  • Eastern African Chapter: Sati Arthur
  • Southern African Chapter: Thabiso Seno
  • Japan Chapter: Eric Ghislain Noutcha Fosso

For your interest, you can view the details of the elections results on the election page.

The Board will now initiate the process of appointing the CEO. Since the elections are completed, we would like to announce that the Electoral Commission stands dissolved.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the elections, either by running for it or by voting. To all the candidates we would like to extend a special thanks. We truly appreciate your time and effort! Even if you have not been elected, we would like to encourage you to please remain involved, as we need everyone’s effort to take Kakehashi Africa forward.

Kind regards,

The Electoral Commission