Dear Members,

Applications are now open for the Board of Directors. Please submit your application on this online form.

Applications will close on Friday, May 3 at 23:59 Central African Time (CAT).

Applications will only be seen by the Electoral Commission (EC) until the date and time the applications close.

Requirements to be a candidate:

  1. You must be a formally registered member of Kakehashi Africa.
  2. You may not be a member of the Electoral Commission.
  3. There must be a likely expectation that you will be physically present for the majority of your term (1 year) in the Chapter that you wish to represent.
  4. Be in a position to have online meetings (with a reasonable connection speed) as required.

Responsibilities of a Board Director include:

  1. Serve for 1 year as a Board Director.
  2. Review candidate applications for the CEO(/President) of the Executive Management, interview the shortlisted candidates and vote for a CEO.
  3. Vote to approve the CEO’s appointments of CFO and COO.
  4. Support the COO in appointing a Chapter Coordinator for his/her constituency.
  5. Vote to approve the vision, plan and budget of the Executive Management’s term.
  6. Meet at least once every quarter (3 months) of a year to review the performance of the Executive Management by participating in a question & answering meeting with the CEO, CFO and COO.
  7. Vote to remove the CEO or other Executive Management members if necessary.
  8. Remain in close contact with the members of his/her constituency in order to represent them effectively in Board deliberations and decision-making.

For your interest, see here for the Board’s position in the organogram of Kakehashi Africa. Take note that the Chapter Representative on the Board and the Chapter Coordinator in the Executive Management are two different positions. Please also refer to the quarterly report, shared last week, for more information. If you have any questions about the role of the Board, please feel free to submit a message on our contact page.

The election of the Board of Directors will take place from May 6 (Monday) at 00:00 to May 10 (Friday) at 23:59 Central African Time (CAT). The election will take place through online polls on the member platform. Details will be announced on the date of the opening of the elections in this section (News) of the member platform.

If you any questions related to the Board application or election, please send an email to the EC at

Kind regards,

The Interim Executive Management

*The dates in this post has been updated to reflect the extension of the deadlines that was announced on April 26.