Are you ready to join Kakehashi Africa top management team?

This is an excellent opportunity to join the Kakehashi Africa top management team. Kakehashi Africa is now registered as an official organization and currently in a massive growth stage. Joining Kakehashi Africa now will allow you to be an important pillar in creating the strongest and most effective African-Japanese business network. Kakehashi Africa now is hiring a managerial team to create and lead several teams that can boost the Kakehashi Africa brand to a global level.

Available Positions

  • Marketing Manager
  • Legal Manager
  • Value Creation Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Knowledge Manager
  • Member Welfare Manager
  • Member Recruitment Manager
  • Public Affairs Manager
  • Chapter Coordinator 

To read more about the positions and to apply, kindly visit

We understand that some of the positions have high level requirements. We do not expect an applicant to meet all the requirements. However, we are looking for applicants who meet the most requirements. Therefore, please do not allow the high requirements to discourage you from submitting your application.

Deadline: Friday, June 21st, at 23:59 CAT / Saturday, June 22nd, at 06:59 JST. 

Looking forward for your applications and to start working with you soon!

Yours Sincerely,

KA Executive Management