KA Innovate Webinar 3 Report – Mechanics of Start-ups : Getting It Right the First Time

What an amazing Event! This webinar, the third in the KA Innovate Series, featured three Founders and CEO's that assist others to start their own businesses.  Simi Olusola, Founder of the Aspilos Foundation, Miho Tanaka, Founder from Startupjapan and Wafeeqah Lagerdien, Founder of Entrihub.  The information provided to attendees was well presented and informative, with [...]

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Webinar Report (Summary) – Technology Transfer from Japan to Africa: Starting with Robotics

Our second event in the KA Innovate Series was an amazing success.  Our speakers Dr. Aiman Omer and Mr Busalire Emeka, gave webinar attendees more insight into robotics and the opportunities that it presents. Click the link below to download the summary of the webinar: Webinar Report 20 June 2020 Summary - Technology Transfer from [...]

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