JICA NINJA Competition Assist

As Kakehashi Africa has grown, we are in a position to assist any of our members who wish to enter the JICA NINJA Business Plan Competition.  Whether it is with constructing your business plan, creating an in-depth survey, assisting with analysis or connecting you with African or Japanese collaborators, our network is now perfectly positioned [...]

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Kakehashi Africa – Employment Opportunity (July 2020)

Front End Developer (Remote) Kakehashi Africa is happy to present the following employment opportunity. A South African based e-commerce company is looking for an individual who is able to work remotely. Responsibilities will include: Managing web applications as well as native application (iOS/Android) to troubleshoot and update as required Inter-phase integration with eCommerce retailers and [...]

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KA Innovate Series – The Mechanics of Start-ups: Getting It Right The First Time – Presentations

We had an amazing webinar this past Saturday, 4 July 2020.  We have received an overwhelmingly positive response and thus our speakers from this past webinar, the third in the KA Innovate Series, have agreed to share their presentations with you, our members:   Simi Olusola Aspilos Foundation LBMC - Simi Olusola (Click for the [...]

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Webinar Report (Summary) – Technology Transfer from Japan to Africa: Starting with Robotics

Our second event in the KA Innovate Series was an amazing success.  Our speakers Dr. Aiman Omer and Mr Busalire Emeka, gave webinar attendees more insight into robotics and the opportunities that it presents. Click the link below to download the summary of the webinar: Webinar Report 20 June 2020 Summary - Technology Transfer from [...]

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KA Innovate Event 3

  More than 90% of startups fail in the first year. Even the fail rate is high for startups incubated in Silicon Valley. The reason? Getting the mechanics of startups right from the first shot. This includes  [1] coming up with a proper business problem, [2] understanding the market (the customers), [...]

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Employment Opportunity – Professional Network and Career Development Coordinator (Tokyo)

As Kakehashi Africa builds a stronger relationship with the Ashinaga Foundation, they have afforded another job opportunity for members within our network. If you are interested and would like to work in Japan for an annual salary of ¥4m, please follow the link below: PND HQ Job Listing

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KA Innovate Series Event 2 – Technology Transfer from Japan to Africa: Starting with Robotics

Are we ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?  What part will robotics and automation play, especially in Africa?  Who better to learn from than Dr. Aiman Omer. Dr Aiman is a Robotics scientist and entrepreneur in Tokyo, Japan.  Originally from Sudan, Dr Aiman has been at Waseda University for the last 13 years and wants [...]

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Jonpaul Opara – Thank you Japan

Jonpaul Opara, the current Japan Region Coordinator for Kakehashi Africa, sends a heartfelt thank you to Japan for their assistance and guidance through the recent restrictions in Japan, even  though around the world the Corona-19 pandemic is still affecting the daily lives of many, especially in Africa. Japan has had success with the Corona virus [...]

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Employment Opportunity – Graduate Alumni Coordinator (Tokyo)

  Interested in working with Ashinaga's growing body of graduates and alumni? Ashinaga supports high achieving students from across the African continent with access to undergraduate education in Japan, the UK, the USA, France and Brazil. We also help all Ashinaga students with professional and leadership development opportunities so they can have the greatest #impact when they [...]

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