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Kakehashi Africa is a professional network for current or former participants in the "ABE Initiative" programme and other African or Japanese entrepreneurs, researchers, companies, non-profit, academic and governmental organisations.


Be a bridge between Japan and African markets for the sustainable development of our societies.


Facilitate the

  • exchange of reliable knowledge,
  • matching of needs and resources and
  • building of trust

for the creation of effective partnerships.


Africa is currently the second most populated continent and, according to the UN, will provide more than half of global population growth between now and 2050. Furthermore, many of the fastest growing economies in the world are located in Africa. The African continent has therefore potential to become one of the most important consumer markets and providers of human resources, goods and ideas in the world.

For these reasons, the Japanese government has launched the ABE Initiative in 2013, a programme by which more than 1,000 young Africans with prior academic and work experience are selected to do a 2-years masters degree in Japan followed by a long-term internship at a Japanese company. The objective of these participants is to help Japanese companies to access reliable knowledge and local partners for expansion into African markets.

In order to take co-ownership and support the fulfilment of this objective, Kakehashi Africa was launched by ABE Initiative participants in 2017.

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