Board of Directors 2019 – 2020 Elected

The second round of the elections for the Central Africa Chapter has provided a candidate with a simple majority, namely Junior NZELENGENGE TAMBIKI. That brings an end to the elections of the Board of Directors. The Directors for the Kakehashi Africa Board 2019-2020 are the following persons: Northern African Chapter: Waleed Mahrous Western African Chapter: [...]

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Information on the CEO applicants

For your information, all the applications for the CEO position have been uploaded to the Appointments page in the members portal. Members can view the backgrounds, vision/objectives and plans of candidates on the page. Once the election for the Central Africa Chapter position on the Board of Directors has been completed, the Board of Directors will [...]

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Second round poll for Central Africa Chapter

The Board of Directors election polls for the contested chapters have closed. We have a candidate with a simple majority for the Japan Chapter, namely Eric Ghislain NOUTCHA FOSSO. For the Central Africa Chapter, there is a tie between two candidates. There will therefore be a new poll for the Central Africa Chapter position on [...]

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Election polls open for Board of Directors

Election polls for the Board of Directors have opened today as scheduled. Only two chapters are contested, namely the Japan Chapter and Central Africa Chapter. Only members in those chapters can vote. They have received an email right upon the opening of the polls with a link to their chapter's election poll. Polls close on Friday, [...]

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Applications open for the position of CEO

Applications can now be received for the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), also known as the President, of Kakehashi Africa. Please apply by filling in this form: https://forms.gle/q3gTPABUjb7CRijq6. The application deadline is Saturday, May 11, at 23:59 CAT / Sunday, May 12, at 06:59 JST. As explained in the Governance PDF shared before, [...]

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Elections FAQ

We are sharing this short guide to help ensure that everyone understands the new governance structure and is ready for the upcoming elections! As you go through this guide, we recommend that you refer to the Governance PDF for a visual presentation of the governance structure and process. The updated elections schedule is also included in [...]

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In order to find an internship, you must fall into the interest of the company and fulfill their requirement. All of us usually focus on whether are we fulfilling the requirement for the company, while we forget what is the area of interest of the company we are applying for. The company can be interested [...]

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Extension of deadline for the Board of Directors

Dear Members, We would like to inform you that the deadline for the applications for the Board of Directors has been extended with a week to Friday, May 3, at Central African Time (CAT). All subsequent deadlines have thereby also been extended by a week. Please see here for the updated election schedule. Concerns have been [...]

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Japan Chapter Elections Results

Congratulations for the newly elected members and Congratulations for Kakehashi Africa for holding the first online elections as an advanced step in mobilizing the whole community to the new online portal. The following table shows the results of the election process in Japan  Region  Position  Name  Hokkaido Coordinator Fayadh Abdounourou Deputy Kelvin Obokparo Ikogba  Tohoko [...]

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