Briefing from the ABE Initiative Networking Fair in Morocco

The ABE Initiative Networking Fair for Northern, Western and Central Africa held in Morocco on 18 & 19 of February 2019 was a unique opportunity for ABE Initiative Program participants from three main regions of Africa to gather in the same place and meet with Japanese companies to discuss opportunities for cooperation and economic development for [...]

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Volunteers needed for the Electoral Commission

Dear Members. We need your help. We are planning to have elections for our newly created Board of Directors that will run from Monday, April 29 to Friday, May 3. We need members to volunteer to serve on the Electoral Commission (EC) for this particular election. The responsibilities of the EC includes overseeing the: Gathering, [...]

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Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project

There was a meeting between Yusuke Takahashi from the Ajinomoto Foundation and Elvis Agyapong  an ABE student  from Ghana on Wednesday March 30th, 2019. The Ajinomoto Foundation wants to expand it's work in Ghana. Kakehashi Africa hope that there will more collaboratin between ABE students and Japanese companies to build business opportunities between Japan and [...]

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Networking Event by JICA

On 13th of March, Kakehashi Africa had a booth during the networking event for the 5th batch of ABE program. The networking event was organized by JICE and JICA. The event goal was to help the abe students find internship and employment opportunities in Japan. On the following day, Kakehashi Africa facilitated with JICE a number [...]

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Tottori Mechasystems Co. LTD Company Visit

ABOUT The company is specialized in Hardware and Software, manufacturing and sales of machines including maintenance services. The current market is only Asia however, hope to expand business overseas. Business outline: Designing,manufacturing,maintenance of automated machine Designing and machining of sophisticated machine parts Designing and development of program for personal computer Producing Homepage Company Members Present Masato [...]

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Welcome to our new website

Dear Members, Welcome to our new website, which will be focussed on providing a platform for members to find each other, exchange information and knowledge and build partnerships. If you have any questions about the usage of the website, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Nico COO

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Workshop with Progate

Kakehashi Africa Kantō has organised a coding workshop with Progate yesterday (13 Jan 2019). A Progate ( is an online platform to learn the basics of programming. In the workshop, Progate was introduced to Kakehashi Africa members and they were given an opportunity to experiment and discuss it.

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